Gone Fishing: Searching for Clues About Metastasis


This image, submitted by David Benjamin of the Hynes Laboratory at the Koch Institute, shows cancer cells inside blood vessels in a transparent zebrafish.


David Colin Benjamin
Hynes Laboratory
Koch Institute at MIT

Is it the seed or the soil that causes a plant to grow? A single circulating tumor cell can spawn a metastasis, but only if it has a fertile environment. 

This photograph of blood vessels (red) in a transparent zebrafish shows individual cancer cells (green) frozen in time. Researchers track their motions and interactions with their surroundings to determine how non-cancerous cells contribute to metastatic growth. Such investigations aim to identify new targets for curbing the spread of cancer through the body.


David Benjamin shares the story behind "Gone Fishing."

You can also watch his presentation at the 2015 Image Awards opening event on March 10, 2015 or the teaser video on the Koch Institute's Facebook page.