Amphiphilic Nanoparticles Improve Immune Response 2


Submitted by Yu-Sang Yang, Bekdemir Ahmet, Francesco Stellacci, and Darrell Irvine at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research


Cytosolic drug transportation is crucial for effective treatments. Two of the major challenges are for drugs to reach the target tissues and then on a subcellular level, to escape from endosomes and reach their targeted sites in the cytosol. We tackled this problem by using amphiphilic nanoparticles (amph-NPs) as cytosolic drug carriers. These particles embed and traverse lipid membranes reversibly without membrane disruption. Amph-NP can carry small molecule drugs effectively into numerous cell lines by embed in and traverse in between intracellular membranes. We aim to enhance immunomodulatory drug delivery of immune-compromised animal models via amph-NP drug transportation.