Fibrosis in Action 3


Suman Bose, Devina Thiono, Lisa Volpatti, Volkan Yesilyurt, Robert Langer, Daniel G. Anderson


The immune system does a very good job at identifying what is foreign to our body and does its best to protect us from any intruder. When a biomaterial is implanted, the immune system jumps into action and deposits a layer of cells and protein matrix on the material through a process known as fibrosis. The images capture this process of fibrosis in action. At least two major players of fibrosis – macrophages (rounded) and fibroblasts (stretched, fiber like) can be seen in these pictures.

These images were a taken as a part of an assay where we characterize the biocompatibility of a material by imaging the fibrotic layer. I am studying the effects of various surface treatment on the biocompatibility of a material.