Exposed Brick: Building a Case for Immune Clearance of Aneuploid Cells


Lauren Zasadil


Lauren Zasadil, Angelika Amon
Koch Institute at MIT

It’s the Case of the Missing (and Extra) Chromosomes! Aneuploidy, the result of chromosome missegregation during cell division, is a hallmark of cancer and a potential target for therapeutic intervention. However, new evidence suggests that immune cells may already be working to eliminate unwanted aneuploid cells from the body prior to cancer onset.

Like detectives, Amon Lab researchers scour tissue samples from mouse models of aneuploidy, searching for clues—such as inflammation—that will reveal immune system activity. Each of these 363 images could help build their case…and uncover new allies in the fight against cancer.


Lauren Zasadil shares the story behind her award-winning image. You can also watch her presentation from the exhibit opening on March 8, 2018 here.