High-Tech Neighborhood


Composed of nearly 150,000 colored tiles, this mosaic reflects on the Koch Institute's unique location embedded within the MIT campus and the Kendall Square biotechnology cluster.


The Koch Institute is in the heart of Kendall Square, a center of innovation and commerce since the nineteenth century. Formerly a thriving home for manufacturing of everything from rubber to chocolate and soap, Kendall Square today hosts more than 150 high-tech companies, including some of the most esteemed technology, biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the world. The Koch Institute itself is sited in the former location of the United-Carr Fastener Corporation, a manufacturer of metal parts for clothing and automobiles. This location is woven into the Koch Institute's identity as a hub for cross-disciplinary work with academic, medical, and private research collaborators.


This short film traces the construction of the tile mosaic as it progressed from a digital image to a set of nearly 150,000 individual colored tiles, and finally to a complete map permanently installed in the Koch Institute Public Galleries.

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