Catherine Draycott

Judge, 2011-2017


Catherine Draycott has been Head of Wellcome Images, since 1992. The collection spans the history of medicine and civilisation from antiquity to the present day, with more than 200 000 images available online. She has overseen the development of a collection of 45,000 contemporary images combining clinical medicine and disease with biomedical science. Catherine set up and has been a judge of the Wellcome Image Awards since their inception in 1997.

In Her Own Words

"It has been a great honour to be part of the Koch Institute's Image Awards since the beginning 5 years ago.  To have the opportunity to see images created through the ground-breaking research of the Institute and of MIT provides a thrilling window into the potential of the future of medicine.  Our collaboration, selecting one of the Koch's winners and the Koch panel selecting one of Wellcome's for each exhibition has been a great way to share this extraordinary work."

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