Janis Fraser

Judge, 2011 - 2017


Janis Fraser is scientist-turned-lawyer who helps biotech and pharmaceutical inventors turn their ideas into patents, providing a crucial foundation that justifies the enormous investment (often hundreds of millions to billions of dollars) it takes to turn the ideas into useful new drugs. As a principal at Fish & Richardson P.C.--an intellectual property law firm founded in Boston in 1878--she has been able to combine a love of science with a love of writing, for the perfect career. Janis obtained her biochemistry Ph.D. from MIT's Biology Department, followed by a law degree from Harvard Law School. She has been a member of the KI's Director's Council since its inception.

In Her Own Words:

"I was delighted to be invited to help judge the Image Awards the year the program began and every year since, as art has always been an important aspect of my life, and the opportunity to combine art with science was irresistible. The fact that the images are displayed to the public in such a visually stunning manner--enormous and glowing with lush color and light, right on the street, for all passers-by to enjoy--makes selecting them feel like we are making an important contribution to the life of the MIT neighborhood. The images facilitate public engagement in science, so are important in that way. But I see another good: the Image Awards inspire scientists and engineers to see art in their own everyday work, where before they may have missed it."


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