Dan Hart

Judge, 2016-2017


My current position working with NOVA at WGBH allows me to create interactive experiences that explain the importance of scientific discovery. I have built a number of publicly-accessible digital projects including the popular NOVA Labs that brings real research data to students. My background as an engineer and an artist helps me to make solid applications that are enjoyable to peruse. My motto is, “I can make anything, it is just a matter of time”

Previous engagements were creating ads for the advertising industry in Boston, making kids games, studying art in the basements of Paris, and researching helicopter control systems for NASA. MS in Interactive Media Design (Ecole nationale supérieure de Création Industrielle), MSE in Aeronautics & Astronautics (Stanford), and BSE in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Princeton).

In His Own Words

"I really appreciated the opportunity to highlight Koch Institute research through visually stunning images. This is a great example of engaging the public through an easily accessible medium. As a judge of the competition, the short presentations of each of the winner’s works during the opening night provided further insight into the significance of their work."

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