Sabrina B. Taner, PhD

Judge, 2018


Sabrina Taner has been project-managing the Wellcome Image Awards and overseeing content development for it since 2013, which allows her to combine two of her passions, science and photography. Prior to joining Wellcome, Sabrina was a postdoctoral research scientist and tutor for 10 years in both the UK and USA. She has a PhD in cellular immunology from Imperial College London.

In her own words:

I was thrilled to be invited onto the judging panel for the Koch Institute’s Image Awards this year. Seeing cutting edge research brought to life through imagery connects with you in a way that words alone cannot. The images are beautifully showcased in the vast gallery overlooking Main Street which brings them right into the heart of the local community. Even at night, the vast backlit glowing images can’t help but draw you in.

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