This new work by C.E.B. Reas and Ben Fry is derived from actual data on cancer cell signaling from the Yaffe Lab at the Koch Institute.


C. E. B. Reas and Ben Fry

Cell behavior is controlled by interconnected proteins operating in a network to actively transmit instructions.  These networks become dysfunctional in cancerous cells.  In this image, each graphical cluster represents signals between networked proteins in a cancer cell as they change over time. Individual arcs are signals from one protein to another; the size of an arc corresponds to the magnitude of the signal.

A wiring diagram of the proteins and interactions represented in Signals


C.E.B. Reas/Ben Fry

This video presents a 10x time lapse sequence from the software created by C.E.B. Reas and Ben Fry to visualize the network of protein-protein interactions within cancer cells.  An image from this software was used to create "Signals."

Below, additional sequences zoom in on smaller regions of the piece with the software running at 2x. At this scale and pace, one can follow the dynamic process by which the software models the activity within cancer cells.

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