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Photos of the Galleries courtesy of Ellenzweig, Architect

The Koch Institute Public Galleries strive to engage diverse public audiences in the fascinating, complex, visual, personal, and important work being done at the cutting edge of cancer research. Click on the images below to learn more about each exhibit in the Galleries.


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Koch Institute Public Galleries
500 Main Street, Cambridge, MA
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8am–6pm, Monday–Thursday
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Download the spring/summer 2016 edition of "Insights," the guide to the Galleries

Admission to the Koch Institute Public Galleries is free.

Middle and high school student groups may be interested in our Youth Outreach Program, which includes guided tours of the exhibits in the Koch Institute Public Galleries.

Image Awards

Koch Institute Image Awards

Scientific data comes in many flavors and types, but a special place is reserved for images. Micrographs, MRI scans and other biomedical images serve as windows through which experts and non-scientists alike can glimpse otherwise invisible biological worlds.

The Koch Institute Image Awards were established to recognize and publicly display these extraordinary visuals. Out of more than 150 submissions to the 2016 Awards, 10 winning images were selected by an expert panel to appear in the Galleries. The new exhibition will open on March 4.

2016 Selection Panel

Catherine Draycott, Head of Wellcome Images, Wellcome Trust, London, UK
Carrie Fitzsimmons, ArtScience Labs and Le Laboratorie Cambridge
Janis Fraser, PhD '76 (VII), Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C., Member, KI Director's Council
Dan Hart, Senior Developer, WGBH
Bethany Millard, Executive Producer, Phosphorous Production and Chair, MIT Corporation Partners Program
Mary Schneider Enriquez, PhD, Houghton Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Harvard Art Museums
Deborah Sweet, PhD, Editor in Cheif, Stem Cell Press and Publishing Director, Cell Press

Click the square pictures below to explore the stories behind this year's winning images and other current exhibits. Click on the Image Library tab above to explore images from previous years' contests.

As a result of a partnership launched in 2011, each Koch Institute Image Awards exhibtion also features one image from the Wellcome Images at the Wellcome Trust. View those images here or learn more about Wellcome Images on their website.

Image Library

We are constantly developing new exhibits to ensure that the Galleries remain a locus of current and exciting science outreach.  As new exhibits are unveiled, visitors can still explore previous exhibits on this page.

Main Galleries

Exhibits currently on display at the KI Public Galleries, including the 2016 Image Awards winners

Hall of Fame

All winning images from the KI Image Awards

2016 Runners Up

Non-winning submissions to the 2016 Image Awards

2015 Image Awards

All submissions to the 2015 Image Awards

2014 Image Awards

All submissions to the 2014 Image Awards

2013 Image Awards

All submissions to the 2013 Image Awards

2012 Image Awards

All submissions to the 2012 Image Awards

2011 Image Awards

All submissions to the 2011 Image Awards