Host-Pathogen Interactions in Yeast at 20x


Submitted by Anindita Basu and Christopher Ford of the Regev Laboratory at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard


"This image shows cells interacting in emulsion drops (aqueous drops suspended in oil). The cells shown here are mice macrophage cells (red) and Candida albicans cells (yellow). Macrophage cells are one of the many types of immune cells that engulf and then break down harmful agents like bacteria, fungi, cancer cells and cellular debris. Candida albicans is a type of yeast cells that can cause serious infections in humans, especially in people with compromised immune system. The yeast cells seen here have developed pseudo-hyphae, which are small, bud-like protrusions. The image is an overlay of three images- one bright-field, and two fluorescent- taken at the same spot."

Keywords: 2014, Broad Institute

Collection: Image Awards 2014