Subcellular Localization of RNAs Within Neurons


Submitted by Matthew Taliaferro and Marina Vidaki


"This is an RNA-FISH experiment to learn more about the subcellular localization of RNAs within neurons. Because of the large distances involved in neurons, certain RNA molecules are transported to the axon so that they may readily perform their function at that distant cellular location. Knowing that localization of RNAs is often controlled through their 3' UTRs, I created a reporter construct into which I could insert any 3' UTR. In this experiment, I used the beta-actin 3' UTR, which is known to cause localization to the axons. This was a control to make sure the reporter construct was behaving properly. The 3' UTR of beta-actin is known to make transcripts localize to the axon, and in this image they do."