Protecting Live Cellular Factories With Anticancer Crystalline Shields


Shady Farah, Joshua C. Doloff, Matt Bochenek, Robert Langer and Daniel G. Anderson


Implantable medical devices have revolutionized the modern medicine and treatment approaches, however, their benefits and long-term use is humbled by the immune-mediated foreign body response and implant failure. This image clearly presents cell's devices loaded with the developed novel anticancer targeted drug crystals formulation to prevent host rejection of transplanted materials were these crystals provides a protective shield from human immune system response to a live-factories therapeutic producing human cells. We have found that by having this special type of crystals co-encapsulated with insulin producing cells (from human) we could successfully able to prevent a rejection of these cell's devices and curing insulin-dependent-diabetes (T1D) for few years without the need of insulin injection or other medications. This technology can be applied for various types of cells encapsulation, medical devices and therapies.