An Engineered Virus Illuminates a Glioma 1


Uyanga Tsedev (Belcher Lab), Ching-Wei Lin (Belcher Lab), Fred Chiu-Lai Lam (Yaffe Lab)


M13 bacteriophage is genetically engineered to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB), seek out brain tumor cells, and also to bind to nanomaterials fluorescent in the second window near infrared (NIR-II) wavelengths (i.e. carbon nanotubes). Here, we have achieved the targeted delivery of the NIR-II imaging agent across the BBB and to glioma cells by the modified M13 phage shuttle. With such phage localization to glioma, we can simultaneously treat and monitor the tumor in-vivo via genetically enhanced M13 phage probes loaded with drugs and NIR-II fluorescent agents optimized for through skull signal detection.