Testing the Function of Induced Cells


Submitted by Yougi Buganim in the Jaeniach Laboratory at the Whitehead Institute


Yougi Buganim
Jaeniach Laboratory
Whitehead Institute
Confocal Microscopy

"In my study I converted fibroblasts into embryonic Sertoli-like cells.  To test if the induced cells function in the same way as the endogenous embryonic Sertoli cells, we injected the induced cells into a gonad of 13.5dpc male embryo and examine their capability to migrate to the right way and to support germ cells as measured by Vasa expression.

This image showed that the induced embryonic-Sertoli-like cells (green and orange cells) migrated to the right way and contribute to the generation of testicular cord, In addition, they closely interacted with the endogenous Sertoli cells (red cells) and with the germ cells (blue cells)."