Ketone Bodies in the Colon 1


view of the large intestine using fluorescence microscopy

George Eng, Jonathan Braverman, Chia Wei Cheng, Aslı GÖKDEMİR, Ryan Hayman, Omer Yilmaz


view of the large intestine using fluorescence microscopy

This image demonstrates the localization of a nanoparticle delivery system which can regenerate the gut using ketone bodies. Our lab studies intestinal stem cell function in the setting of diet, previously high fat diets, but we are beginning to explore how the intestinal stem cells function in the setting of other diets, here, namely ketogenic diet.

We recently published a paper in Cell, Cheng, Chia-Wei, et al. "Ketone Body Signaling Mediates Intestinal Stem Cell Homeostasis and Adaptation to Diet." Cell 178.5 (2019): 1115-1131.  In the paper we delivered a ketone beta hydroxyl butyrate to regenerate the intestinal stem cell in the setting of radiation. Chia Wei discovered that ketone bodies are important for the maintenance of stem cell function. We wanted to deliver a payload of exogenous betahydroxybutyrate to regenerate the gut epithelium, and did so using a nanoparticle delivery system. The fluorescent tag shown here [in red], highlights its localization in the intestine.